Our culture is a pyramid scheme.

Why are the people starving?
Because those above them take too much.
That is why they are starving. ...

Why do people make light of death?
Because those above them make too much of life.
That is why they make light of death.

The people have simply nothing to live upon!
They know better than to value such a life!

-Tao Teh Ching


As of today TheFarthestShore.com is number 9,863,270 in world popularity, as opposed to my new site TheaterOfTheVampire.com which is fifteen million something. I'm setting an arbitrary goal of getting into the top five million this year. Whether or not that happens isn't that important, but for fun, that is my goal.

My housemate's site Ryan's Rockshow is within the top five hundred thousand, but deals with music and popular media, so there's virtually no way to approach those numbers with a site like this.

My new favorite shows

FREAKS AND GEEKS. This show is so dead on. Whenever I think it's going to take a slightly inaccurate turn it swerves and nails it. I suspect now that "hip hop" has taken over the world school is a whole different thing, but in the middle school - highschool era this is exactly how I remember it. Not to say there wasn't more to it for me and for anyone, but what is told here is utter truth. Something I've never seen before in a similarly themed TV show. Although Superbad went a little over the top, this kind of realism is something I've come to expect from Apatow and is the most pure here in Freaks and Geeks. Save for a few episodes, this show has me laughing more than I have in maybe years, in an honest and nostalgic way, not just a quick fix then forget it kinda way like the candy comedy I sometimes suffer for a cheap up.
The acting is perfection, no wonder almost the whole cast went on to be in everything good today. And as with Many things, cameos from David Bowie and Ben stiller!

Mad Men has become a new staple for me, eagerly awaiting the new episode of season three each week. I don't know why this doesn't come off as a boring soap, but it just can't possibly fall in with such things. It's exciting and continues to stay interesting without some the whole upping the anti thing that so frequently runs out of control ruining shows. Apparently this is all due to the creator Matthew Weiner who keeps a tight fist on the reign of the show. I find it to be of no surprise that all the best shows are very single handedly driven, even though co-operatively made. When a visionary is not allowed to babysit their child it's always a sad thing, and when no visionary was involved at all, "god" help us. Anyway, Mad men continues to be worth every minute even in it's third season, with no complaints.

Continuing to be bloody and sexy (though less sex of late) True Blood continues to be one of my anxiously awaited shows. I am afraid of it going 6 Feet Under, and no I don't mean getting canceled, I mean going all soapy, trying to string you along with no decency of plot or moderation of world limits. When you don't moderate a story it slips into the oblivion of "who cares", and though I don't really see that happening with True Blood, I'm afraid it's not because of the quality of the writing, but the fact that it's vampires. I'm willing to put up with a lot more dumb shit if there's fangs and blood involved. Hell I sat through to the end of Underworld 1,2, and 3 didn't I? Though I regretted it every time.
Anyway, Jonah's had a point when he said True Blood took a turn for the less interesting when instead of dealing with what it's like for vampires to come to exist and to live in your town, it just went overboard on the supernatural and warring between them and whatnot. It could have been such an interesting thought, and instead it's blood candy. But I'll take what I can get, I'm certainly still amped as ever to see it each week, and I think they're still doing a good job. I'm fucking thrilled that it's on and successful, and bringing vampires back with a vengeance!
The last vampire show I remember before this one was Kindred the Embraced, and if anyone remembers that lump of shit... So yeah, eat, drink blood and be merry!

HUNG, I'm not sure why I like it... when I heard the concept it seemed great, but the setting and the people are so intolerably boring, why do I look forward to watching this show each week? I don't know, but I do. I do like the recent trend towards limiting the means on a given scenario. His house burnt down and so now he lives in a tent. Wouldn't you? I guess maybe that's one of the things I like about it. Not that I would mind if he had his house back either, it's just that so frequently people are portrayed as hard up and they live in a 3000+ sq foot apartment with hardwood floors in Manhattan and it's like...? The only person I ever knew who lived in a nice big place in Manhattan is a dentist. And he doesn't live there anymore. Starving artists live several to a tiny place and if they aren't sharing rooms, they live in Brooklyn. SO to see a school teacher in a tent working nights as a gigolo is refreshing. I think this trend must be the economy at work. People are going to just be annoyed by unrealistically well off portrayals and identify more and more as poor or lower middle class.

Speaking of down and out dramas, Breaking Bad is surprisingly awesome. I'd like to know how realistic the amounts of money they're making are, but whatever the case as long as they're not living like kings, this show maintains full interest and even finds me liking the drug addled slim shady type main character despite his frustrating flaws, 'cause beneath it all, he's just a guy, which so many of that type refuse to be. I guess that's the only way they could make it work though, and it's not even on a movie channel! That an Mad Men are AMC originals.

Well, that's quite a lot of good TV! Freaks and Geeks is number one for me right now (reruns/canceled) but there's quite a lot of good stuff coming out. And Dexter's back soon too! First episode of season 4 was leaked recently. :D I like this trend in TV, since I haven't really followed any shows since Next Generation was coming out and DS9 was starting, I'm quite impressed that I'm getting back into episodic TV on a regular basis.

Oh and How I met Your Mother should be returning soon too! Hope they can keep it up.


Down By Law

I made a hat to go with my moustache then put together an outfit with clothes I'd designed previously.

Jill took the picture and I pimped it up to look like an ad for stuff.
I've been meaning to put my leather work up on the site soon though. Try to get all my links active.


I was at Ralph's (grocery) checking out and asked for a Ralph's (discount) card. The guy said "first time?". -"yeah"
-First time in California?
-Yeah. lol. What makes you say that?
-I'm originally from philly, I've been here 20 years but it still doesn't feel quite right. There's just something different about it. I miss it there.

We chatted for a bit, he seemed glad to see someone from back home, but what I really want to know is what gives me away. lol. It was uncanny.

Movies and TV

Recently I have enjoyed:

Star Trek was surprisingly excellent. There were some surprisingly good interpretations of the original characters, particularly the performance when bones is introduced. The lighting was stunning, everyone had like five lights minimum on them at all times as they walked through various continuous lighting conditions throughout the ships. The color pallet and contrast looked like it was designed for transfer to blu-ray, while probably a good move, I hate that blu-ray is forcing that look as the popular aesthetic. Its tonal range and depth leave much to be desired at times.
On another note, there seems to be only one asian guy in Hollywood right now and he makes a terrible fucking Sulu, he's not even Japanese, he doesn't look or sound Japanese, nothing like sulu AT ALL, and yes he carries a Katana and flips around like Yoda in episode one. Very disappointing, luckily he wasn't focused on too much. Well, better luck tomorrow. Not everything can be perfect.

I was so damn reluctant, but TWILIGHT is good! People I watched it with called it a tale of teen abstinence, but I think that's just to make what's coming in the next film more impactful. If only they hadn't switched directors to the jerk responsible for the Golden Compass, I worry what he'll do with the sequel. Although uselessly uninformative it was funny to hear the commentary, where the lead guy makes fun of himself. He actually doesn't seem to be the douchebag all the promotions made him out to be at all, and in fact, he wrote a few songs for the score.

TrueBlood season 1 - It's trashy and thrives off showing sex in every episode, but as TV goes it's pretty awesome. I'd say it's not a top end vampire show but honestly, it's probably better than any vampire TV show to date, and they've flopped several. Not in the same class however, as vampire cinema greats like Bram Stoker's or the recent Let The Right One In.

Legend Of The Seeker, the new fantasy show from CBS and Disney is stunningly lit, expertly shot, and so full of high end props and cinema quality it's hard not to go crazy over despite sort of dull writing.

How I met Your Mother has been very enjoyable but only because of the man with the iron comeback career: Neil Patrick Harris (Dougie Houser MD) who's endless portrayals of sleazy tit-chasers have made a new name for him in comedy; one can only wonder how he sees being typecast as a womanizer when he himself is gay. If only there were more episodes of Doctor Horrible!

Recently I disliked:

Terminator Salivation: mouth wateringly useless, it was too short, nothing very interesting happened. Yet another movie without drama or much plot (the first two had BOTH), just action that wasn't that good or believable. It was well made, had solid props and effects, but all is for naught, it felt like it was just beginning when the credits rolled.

Nip Tuck started out quite enjoyable for the first season, but in the second and beyond it's gotten to be one of those rediculous over the top soap operas where everyone fucks everyone and I mean EVERYONE, and endless completely unbelievable extremity is used to manipulate some sort of shock in every episode. And yes, incest, retarded babies, and slashers who turn out to be one of the main characters are included. It's not about any kind of enlightenment or beauty at all, though the writers try to cram in their two cents about social responsibility (to get a prius or not be racist) ultimately all the show is is a pile of negative bullshit and gross disgusting people who although you have sympathy with their plight, do every stupid thing they can just to further the drama. Classic soap better cameras and lighting, more skin. That's it. Formula without substance. I enjoyed it for a while but ultimately it feels like the worst kind of brain rot. Avoid this show at all costs.