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Writing / Capote

Writing / Capote

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It was particularly interesting how she's suggesting something about Capote "using" his BF to which he queries, can someone be using someone and love them simultaneously, but it was just a side chatting comment of little weight regarding their relationship, but had much greater implications in regards to the whole piece.

I am frequently noticing that often the best way to deliver a point about the main subject is in an aside, an allegory of little apparent weight.
An example of failing at this would be The Door In The Floor, where the idea is too emphasized as some simple brilliance throughout the entire piece. The proper way to deliver it is as a subtle casual aside that will jog the mind just enough to pick up on the deeper themes within the story.
  • Yeah, you don't want to club them over the head with an idea, plus it gives the reader a chance to feel clever.

    Also, people still use LiveJournal?
  • lol. yeah I like LJ because it feels more permanent, it's sort of for taking notes for myself, although it might be nice to discuss the posts with people I don't actually expect anyone to read it. I am often surprised though when someone else actually uses it these days. It has become very antiquated. The old school solid LJers I know and love all still seem to be here though when I want to bother to check up on them. Basically I've found the LJers who post substantial info still use LJ cause facebook sucks for that, but the people who just posted status updates or short posts, all switched over completely to FB.
  • my favorite thing about LJ though is that you can just go in and print out your journal. Facebook would be FUCKING HELL to try to retrieve the data from, or to try to find something from the past.
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