June 4th, 2010


Enjoyable Current Movies

I really liked the new Ridley Scott Robin Hood. It's a slightly different take on the tale, but not one that screws it up. The story and action has a believable real world feel, it's nothing like the also very enjoyable Prince Of Theives - Alan Rickman's incredible performance as the Sheriff of Nottingham - in Scott's film the Sheriff is not the major player, there is a much grander scale of intreague and plenty of room for a trilogy.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is an excellent feature, not at all what the poster implied, but very god nonetheless. I would say more but I don't want to ruin it for you.

Ghost Writer, Roman Polanski's latest masterpiece, it's simple, it's straightforward, it's not breaking any new ground, but it is well executed. The trailers made it look boring to me because those types of movies so often fall short. This one does not. You won't feel enlightened, the movie leaves you with nothing particularly interesting to talk about, but it is 100% enjoyable throughout the entire film. Totally hit the spot.

Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time as my friend pointed out, they're making a video game from this movie that was based on a videogame. Nonetheless it was satisfying and well executed movie, partially for the attractive leads and partially because Disney seems to be picking up steam lately, appealing to a wider audience than the prude two year olds they targeted throughout the 90s. I'd say it has a very Indiana Jones feel, though the banter not as funny as Indie, it's quality aesthetic and well done action sequences match Jones' feel -updated for contemporary values. Particularly fantastic was all the leaping and building climbing that felt very realistic for someone having super heroic abilities. I think they took a tip from parkour and yuen wo ping, but moderated it to be stylistically neutral, probably matching what one can do in the videogame, but with a feeling of real world physics.