May 8th, 2010


Canon Rebel T2i / EOS550D

I am officially happy with my camera's image quality. As I get to know it and it's settings etc, I'm able to avoid certain problems I had been having before. The weight of the mirror shakes the light camera body a bit more than I was used to, which means I need a faster shutter speed than I would normally have shot at with my old metal F, or set mirror lockup. The burst speed still fills up the buffer faster than I would like, but that was expected for the price, and I haven't tried the expensive sandisk 30MB/sec cards yet, I'm only using 22MB/sec Transcend 16GB Class 10 SDHC cards that were recommended in a forum as being fast enough for the video functionality. My new canon f2.8 28mm lens though is great and images are coming out perfectly crisp at 18MP. Excellent!

My main complaint about using a DSLR for video instead of a video camera is that there's no in camera image stabilization. I forgot how much I depend on that for a good handheld shot. It can still be done with the smoothcam feature in FCP, but that means cropping in -often more than I would like.
That being said, the image quality with interchangeable lenses and crazy ISO boost means beautiful crisp dynamic images even in really low light situations. Lighting exclusively with 100 watt incandescents works like a charm! Who'da thought. Making this thing incredibly versatile for low hassle setups.