December 18th, 2009


Season's end, new beginnings

Dexter came in with a strong finish, getting back on track after it's weak third season. The finale kind of solidified the season in hindsight and leaves me anxious for the next one. Collapse )

Californication's finale made up quite a bit for a weak third season, but one episode can't really fix a season of sub par ideas. Let's hope they clean up and get better writers for season four. Collapse )

Bored to Death is turning out to be solid fun, I'm glad it's been picked up for a second season.

The Vampire Diaries, my guilty pleasure, instead of finishing out the season, expanded to twenty two episodes for season one, but went on an eight week break to get their shit together and revamp (so to speak) the plot, It's reaching a much larger audience than predicted for a teen high drama. They've impressed me with this show's ability to have horror and death in every episode. We'll see if they can make keep it interesting without going dumb, but I think their aims of taking it away from teen drama and refocus on the whole town may do just that... or it will just shoot themselves in the goot. We shall see.

Speaking of darkness, JENNIFER'S BODY rocked.
Proving that all you need is a Fox who drinks blood to have a good time. ;P Amanda Seyfried turns out to be awesome in this movie, and the requisite sexy outfits, mental wards, and high school walls make this a prettier though less deep teen fetish flick comparable to Ginger Snaps. Similarly enjoyable.

Completely off the wall, HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU was quite enjoyable. Even had some good points, unlike similar genre type crap flick The Ugly Truth.

Where the Wild Things Are needs little comment, it was great, but not quite what most people were expecting.
Something I've been thinking lately, it takes a special kind of person to inspire awesomeness, but it takes an entirely different kind of thing to keep it going.

LEGEND OF THE SEEKER is back for a second season, available streaming on Hulu along with the first, it remains visually stunning and raises the sexiness bar by adding one of the ultra hot Mor'd-Sith to the cast of main characters, sadly it's not Denna, and they don't explore the complexities of the character as well as they could. What was interesting to learn though, was that when I was thinking they must be exagerating the sex appeal of the story for TV it turns out they're toning it way down. One fan posted in the comments to episode five a scene as written in the book describing an almost pornographic lesbian scene between Mor'd-Sith, her ageal, and a prostitute. Funny that Disney picked this story up, even if partnered with CBS.