Peter Murphy @ Mayan last night

Marian and I went to the Peter Murphy show. Got a fairly decent shot by the LA weekly guy which is nice cause I'm usually caught at just the wrong moment/angle.
The first three songs blew and the sound mix SUCKED (pop-rock compressed as hell, lost nuances and emotion).
Played some Bauhaus which was heavenly live and they did the classic flashing up light on his face like The Hunger scene. It looks so cool on his face and in dramatic timing with the music, it's cooler to see that then him singing even is. Played all my favorite songs including SUBWAY which is possibly my favorite song that no one else gives a shit about. He seemed excited to play it too.

Could have been a better show, but all around a great night. lol.


Enjoyable Current Movies

I really liked the new Ridley Scott Robin Hood. It's a slightly different take on the tale, but not one that screws it up. The story and action has a believable real world feel, it's nothing like the also very enjoyable Prince Of Theives - Alan Rickman's incredible performance as the Sheriff of Nottingham - in Scott's film the Sheriff is not the major player, there is a much grander scale of intreague and plenty of room for a trilogy.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is an excellent feature, not at all what the poster implied, but very god nonetheless. I would say more but I don't want to ruin it for you.

Ghost Writer, Roman Polanski's latest masterpiece, it's simple, it's straightforward, it's not breaking any new ground, but it is well executed. The trailers made it look boring to me because those types of movies so often fall short. This one does not. You won't feel enlightened, the movie leaves you with nothing particularly interesting to talk about, but it is 100% enjoyable throughout the entire film. Totally hit the spot.

Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time as my friend pointed out, they're making a video game from this movie that was based on a videogame. Nonetheless it was satisfying and well executed movie, partially for the attractive leads and partially because Disney seems to be picking up steam lately, appealing to a wider audience than the prude two year olds they targeted throughout the 90s. I'd say it has a very Indiana Jones feel, though the banter not as funny as Indie, it's quality aesthetic and well done action sequences match Jones' feel -updated for contemporary values. Particularly fantastic was all the leaping and building climbing that felt very realistic for someone having super heroic abilities. I think they took a tip from parkour and yuen wo ping, but moderated it to be stylistically neutral, probably matching what one can do in the videogame, but with a feeling of real world physics.

Canon Rebel T2i / EOS550D

I am officially happy with my camera's image quality. As I get to know it and it's settings etc, I'm able to avoid certain problems I had been having before. The weight of the mirror shakes the light camera body a bit more than I was used to, which means I need a faster shutter speed than I would normally have shot at with my old metal F, or set mirror lockup. The burst speed still fills up the buffer faster than I would like, but that was expected for the price, and I haven't tried the expensive sandisk 30MB/sec cards yet, I'm only using 22MB/sec Transcend 16GB Class 10 SDHC cards that were recommended in a forum as being fast enough for the video functionality. My new canon f2.8 28mm lens though is great and images are coming out perfectly crisp at 18MP. Excellent!

My main complaint about using a DSLR for video instead of a video camera is that there's no in camera image stabilization. I forgot how much I depend on that for a good handheld shot. It can still be done with the smoothcam feature in FCP, but that means cropping in -often more than I would like.
That being said, the image quality with interchangeable lenses and crazy ISO boost means beautiful crisp dynamic images even in really low light situations. Lighting exclusively with 100 watt incandescents works like a charm! Who'da thought. Making this thing incredibly versatile for low hassle setups.


Writing / Capote

It was particularly interesting how she's suggesting something about Capote "using" his BF to which he queries, can someone be using someone and love them simultaneously, but it was just a side chatting comment of little weight regarding their relationship, but had much greater implications in regards to the whole piece.

I am frequently noticing that often the best way to deliver a point about the main subject is in an aside, an allegory of little apparent weight.
An example of failing at this would be The Door In The Floor, where the idea is too emphasized as some simple brilliance throughout the entire piece. The proper way to deliver it is as a subtle casual aside that will jog the mind just enough to pick up on the deeper themes within the story.

Currently On Netflix Instant

World's Greatest Dad
What a SURPRISE! No, not the plot, the fact that it was actually good, and not just good, it's weird and hilarious and pretty damn awesome! What I thought was going to be another Robin WIlliams family movie sell-out turns out to be (I predict) a minor cult classic of sorts. Nuff said, I recommend checking it out!

Shades of RayYeah it's another one of those cross cultural frustrations, finding your place in a land where you were born but people don't see you that way type movie, but it feels less about that and more about finding one's place int eh world regardless. About people and family and choices. It's not the best movie ever, it's not ground breaking, but I'd say it's highly watchable and I enjoyed it.

Recently on Netflix Instant

Rachel Getting Married, another slam dunk for Anne Hathaway, does an excellent job depicting the awkward nature of post destruction relationships. I was expecting a romance and got something much more poignant, substantial, and although not as rare in reality, a rarity in cinema.

Brief Interviews With Hideous Men was surprisingly good. At first it seems like a generic half-assed Indie flick, but it builds into a well thought out statement and discussion.

Also on the subject of sexuality and relations,Good Dick, yet another Indie film that was not quite what I expected. Blurbs like to focus on things like the porn as if it were just a slapstick comedy, but really that has little to do with the meaning and subject besides being a good and appropriate device.

Another surprise, though not as well formed, was How To Be; Robert Patinson's pre Twilight mental anguish Indie flick where one can see just why he was picked for twilight, but also why he's cooler than just the twilight teen phenomena. I'm expecting more good to come from Patinson in the future, like that new one coming out soon... whatever it's called.

In many ways on the same subject but a completely different package, The Aviator is good but depressing. A horror story of slipping into yourself and loosing everything that matters. Huge and hollow success.

A Wink and a Smile: The Art of Burlesque depicts what seems to be an awesome burlesque scene in seattle doing really cool, creative, and beautiful performances the likes of which are underappreciated in the days of Harry Flint. I wonder if the pendulum might come back towards art a bit with the excess of trash porn we have these days, or if most people are just happy with what they've got.

A well formed commentary on the ramifications and consequences of suspicion, Doubt was well done and interesting.
Another interesting statement on ethics and slander: Gossip. This one has the pleasant advantage of following young cool characters with comparatively modern aesthetics, making it easily palatable for people outside the stogy office/news world in which so many tales of ethics today are told.

Season's end, new beginnings

Dexter came in with a strong finish, getting back on track after it's weak third season. The finale kind of solidified the season in hindsight and leaves me anxious for the next one. Collapse )

Californication's finale made up quite a bit for a weak third season, but one episode can't really fix a season of sub par ideas. Let's hope they clean up and get better writers for season four. Collapse )

Bored to Death is turning out to be solid fun, I'm glad it's been picked up for a second season.

The Vampire Diaries, my guilty pleasure, instead of finishing out the season, expanded to twenty two episodes for season one, but went on an eight week break to get their shit together and revamp (so to speak) the plot, It's reaching a much larger audience than predicted for a teen high drama. They've impressed me with this show's ability to have horror and death in every episode. We'll see if they can make keep it interesting without going dumb, but I think their aims of taking it away from teen drama and refocus on the whole town may do just that... or it will just shoot themselves in the goot. We shall see.

Speaking of darkness, JENNIFER'S BODY rocked.
Proving that all you need is a Fox who drinks blood to have a good time. ;P Amanda Seyfried turns out to be awesome in this movie, and the requisite sexy outfits, mental wards, and high school walls make this a prettier though less deep teen fetish flick comparable to Ginger Snaps. Similarly enjoyable.

Completely off the wall, HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU was quite enjoyable. Even had some good points, unlike similar genre type crap flick The Ugly Truth.

Where the Wild Things Are needs little comment, it was great, but not quite what most people were expecting.
Something I've been thinking lately, it takes a special kind of person to inspire awesomeness, but it takes an entirely different kind of thing to keep it going.

LEGEND OF THE SEEKER is back for a second season, available streaming on Hulu along with the first, it remains visually stunning and raises the sexiness bar by adding one of the ultra hot Mor'd-Sith to the cast of main characters, sadly it's not Denna, and they don't explore the complexities of the character as well as they could. What was interesting to learn though, was that when I was thinking they must be exagerating the sex appeal of the story for TV it turns out they're toning it way down. One fan posted in the comments to episode five a scene as written in the book describing an almost pornographic lesbian scene between Mor'd-Sith, her ageal, and a prostitute. Funny that Disney picked this story up, even if partnered with CBS.